Solid Metal Tiles



Sleek, solid and unrelentingly stylish, ALLOY tiles have changed the face of mosaics by delivering the seductive sheen of metal for interior and exterior surfaces. ALLOY produces exquisite and original collections of solid metal mosaic tiles, partly in collaboration with the international design legend Karim Rashid. This extensive range covering an exciting variety of shapes and sizes in 14 different finishes guarantees something for everyone.



Stylish design with careful attention to detail, and made to last a lifetime


Eye-catching patterns that draw attention and are beautiful to look at


Long lasting and hardwearing, won’t dent, crack or de-laminate


Punched from an individual sheet of 1.6 mm solid, high quality metal


A variety of metals, finishes and a striking array of shapes and sizes


No backing mesh, plastic inserts or metal look-alike ‘metallic’ coatings

Materials – from traditional to high-tech

ALLOY has developed an innovative method of producing exquisite, high quality, solid metal mosaic tiles to decorate and enhance interior and exterior surfaces. The various collections are available in six types of metal: Titanium, Copper, Brass, and three different qualities or grades of Steel (Raw, Stainless, and Marine).

material steel
material steel-mirror

Stainless Steel mosaic tiles

Material copper
material copper-mirror

Copper mosaic tiles

Material Brass
material brass-mirror

Brass mosaic tiles

Material titanium

Titanium mosaic tiles

Material raw-steel

Raw steel mosaic tiles

Finishes – from raw to luxurious

ALLOY’s mosaic tiles are not only offered in six very different types of metal, but also in four distinct finishes, giving you even more choice, and helping you to find the perfect look for your personal design ideas.


Metal mosaic Century_SS-B

The faint brushstroke marks in the metal create an alluring but distinctive effect.

Mirror polished

The reflective, mirror-like surface ‘opens up’ spaces in a dramatic and unique way.


Metal mosaic Century_BM

This natural, ‘as fabricated’ look is extremely attractive, creating a more industrial aesthetic.


This semi-reflective, light silver-coloured finish creates an intriguing ghost-like reflection.

Shapes – from simple to unique

Metal mosaic Infinit

The collections of solid metal mosaic tiles from ALLOY comprise an impressive and exciting variety of shapes and sizes. These range from deceptively simple, familiar-looking geometric shapes to more exotic forms with unusual, flowing and rounded forms, and even completely unique, innovative shapes created especially for ALLOY by the international design legend, Karim Rashid.