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Stainless Steel Mosaic

Unprotected raw or crude steel readily acquires a layer of reddish patina when exposed to the combination of air and moisture. Stainless steels, also known as inox steel, or inox, from the French word inoxydable, in contrast, contain sufficient chromium to be protected from such oxidisation. This predestines them to find application particularly in contact with water, where both the strength of steel and high corrosion resistance are required.

Stainless Steel Tiles

Stainless steel was particularly in vogue during the art deco period, and today is used for both practical and aesthetic, decorative reasons.

ALLOY Stainless Steel tiles are sleek, solid, long-lasting and hardwearing with an unsurpassed finish. Each ALLOY tile is punched from one 1.6 mm solid sheet of the highest quality Stainless Steel, providing a unique weight and seductive tactility. ALLOY Stainless Steel tiles are available in three differerent finishes: Brushed, Mirror Polished, and Matte. If the tiles are for pools, water features or exterior use in ocean environments, we recommend Marine Grade Stainless Steel, available in either Brushed or Mirror Polished finish.

Stainless Steel brushed

Stainless Steel mirror polished

Stainless Steel matte

Stainless Steel brushed mosaic tiles

The brushed finish is sometimes referred to as Satin Finish or Number Four Finish (#4) stainless steel. Each tile has a ‘grain’: fine parallel lines that form the brushed finish. Depending on the tile style, the grain can sit uniformly or randomly. ALLOY’s signature tile is the randomly orientated Mosaic tile that forms a unique pattern. With the grain on each tile sitting in a different direction, the varied refraction of light from each tile creates a dramatic ‘sparkling’ effect. The result is mesmerising. If your application is for a pool, water feature or exterior use in an ocean environment, we recommend opting for Marine Grade Stainless Steel, available in brushed finish.

Stainless Steel mirror polished mosaic tiles

The reflection on each tile is as perfect as a glass mirror. Mirror polished stainless steel or Number Eight finish (#8) polished tiles, can help ‘open-up’ the smallest room in the most contemporary way while becoming an arresting design feature. If your application is for a pool, water feature or exterior use in an ocean environment, we recommend opting for Marine Grade Stainless Steel, available in mirror finish.

Stainless Steel matte mosaic tiles

The ALLOY matte stainless steel tile possesses a unique semi-reflective finish. The resulting colour can be best described as opaque light grey / silver, creating an intriguing ghost-like reflection. Its cool, smooth texture sits between the fine parallel grain of our Brushed Finish and the complete reflectivity of the Mirror Finish stainless steel tile.

The Advantages of Stainless Steel


Stainless Steel resists rust and other forms of corrosion. It doesn’t require any coating or other corrosion protection to remain bright and shiny even after decades of use.


Stainless steel is a hygienic material, with high resistance to bacteria, fungi and moulds. It’s ideal for using in the bathroom or kitchen, especially behind the stove or range.


Stainless Steel has a bright, futuristic and clean look. The Stainless Steel mosaic tiles create a truly modern focal point that you and your guests will enjoy for years.