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Installation & Care


As this is a specialised product, we recommend that a professional and experienced mosaic tiler is engaged to install ALLOY metal tiles. To ensure the very best results, please download the installation guide below and make sure it’s strictly adhered to. Like all high-quality finishes, the metal tiles from ALLOY should be handled with reasonable care and regularly looked after in order to look their best.

  Download Installation Guide

Metal tile adhesive

To provide the perfect installation of the tiles, we’ve developed our own special adhesive – ALLOY One Pack Mastic (A.O.P.M.), which is available in 1 kg and 2 kg tubs.
Approx. 1 kg of AOPM and 235 ml of water are required to install 1.8 m2 of ALLOY tiles. We ship worldwide.

After testing and trialling their products, the leading tile adhesive companies Laticrete and Mapei recommend their products for ALLOY metal tiles and mosaics to ensure strong and non-stop adhesion. Laticrete has even set out its own guidelines for the installation of ALLOY metal tiles with the Latapoxy range.


To ensure the best results, ALLOY has developed very specific requirements for applying grout to their tiles. Thanks to the excellent design and superior manufacturing techniques, we ensure a fine 1.3 mm grout line that enables the user to create a refined design without overwhelming the tile. The tiles are meant to be the focus of the design, not the grout. In any case, grout is only necessary when the tiles are being applied to wet areas. Please note that if grout is used, it’s essential that a non-sanded, non-grit grout is used to avoid scratching the surface of the tiles.

Caring for alloy metal tiles

As a rule, warm soapy water and a soft sponge will suffice. ALLOY also recommends environmentally friendly Enjo mitts for cleaning and caring for stainless steel tiles.
Depending on the surface contamination, stainless steel can also be cleaned using a number of other cleaning products. For example, a good, quality stainless steel cleaner will work well, or multi-purpose cleaners such as Windex or Spray & Wipe. Acid-based cleaners are to be avoided as they may cause pitting or corrosion of the metal surface.

Please keep in mind that using soap-based cleaning products on copper and brass tiles may accelerate oxidisation and the development of the natural patina.
To return lustre and sheen to copper and brass tiles, ALLOY suggests regularly using Flitz Liquid Polish. This is a high-performance metal cleaner and polish in a liquid form that removes tarnish, rust, water stains, heat discolouration, oxidation and fingerprints.