ALLOY offers a wide range of innovative and spectacular mosaic tiles punched from 1.6 mm sheets of various metals and metal alloys. As a buyer you can choose between Titanium, Copper, Brass, Raw Steel, Stainless Steel, and Marine Grade Stainless Steel. But your choice isn’t just limited to these six types, as many of these metals are available in different finishes as well, meaning you’re bound to find the perfect look to realise any design idea, whether inside or out, traditional or completely unique.

The Raw Steel tiles have a natural, deliberately unfinished look, and are prone to oxidisation if left untreated.

The smoother and satiny, milled Brass and Copper tiles also acquire a patina over time.

Titanium is the most versatile of the metals, offered in three different variants and different finishes: Ti Smoke, Ti Gold, and Ti Amber, all of which are available in Brushed and Mirror-Polished versions.

Stainless Steel tiles are available in Matte, Brushed and Mirror-Polished finishes, and the even more corrosion-resistant Marine Grade Stainless Steel tiles in Brushed and Mirror-Polished.

On request, and if desired, ALLOY can mix different finishes of one and the same tile. So if you, for example, want to combine mosaic tiles from the Deco collection in Stainless Steel matte and mirror finishes, please contact us.


Mirror polished



Brushed Finish

Each tile with a Brushed Finish has a ‘grain’, in other words fine parallel lines that form the brushed finish. Depending on the tile style, the grain can sit uniformly or randomly. This finish looks as if it has been smoothed with a paintbrush, leaving faint brushstroke marks in the metal, producing an alluring but distinctive effect. The two types of Stainless Steel tile and the three variants of Titanium tile are available in a Brushed Finish.

Mirror-Polished Finish

This finish creates a reflective, mirror-like surface on metals. A polished surface is more dramatic than the other finishes, but also shows smudges and fingerprints more readily. Tiles polished in this way can help to ‘open-up’ the smallest room while becoming an arresting design feature. The two types of Stainless Steel tiles and the three variants of Titanium tiles are available in a Mirror Finish.

Milled Finish

This is a natural, slightly rough look, as the term ‘mill finish’ is commonly used for an ‘as fabricated’ finish. Tooling marks, for example, may still be faintly visible. This can be extremely attractive, but won’t resemble a Mirror Finish. The Copper and Brass mosaic tiles are available in in a Milled Finish.

Matte Finish

This is a semi-reflective finish (available only for Stainless Steel). The resulting colour can be best described as opaque light grey or silver, creating an intriguing ghost-like reflection. Its cool, smooth texture sits between the fine parallel grain of the Brushed Finish and the complete reflectivity of the Mirror Finish Stainless Steel tiles.