Project Description

Metal mosaic Basketweave-Ti-AB 0.82 m2

Model no.
Basic colour
Suitable for
all living areas (living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, etc.)
Manufacturing country / region
Important note
The product is custom-made and will be manufactured exclusively for you.
Surface finishing
Sheet dimensions (mm)
288 x 288 x 1.6
Tile size (mm)
40 x 12
Tiles per sheet
Sheets per package (pcs)
Package content (m2)
high quality metal tile – crushproof, shockproof, guarantees consistent high quality
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Product detail

Sleek, solid and unrelentingly stylish, ALLOY tiles have changed the ‘face’ of mosaics by delivering the authentic, seductive sheen of metal for interior and exterior surfaces.

The metal tile of choice for leading architects and designers from around the world, ALLOY was the first and is still the only company to use a solid 1.6mm material punched from a single sheet of the highest quality metal, ensuring an unsurpassed finish that is designed to last a lifetime.

The unique ALLOY tile sheets, unlike low-grade copies, are long lasting and hardwearing and contain no backing mesh, plastic inserts or metal look-alike ‘metallic’ coatings so they won’t dent, crack or de-laminate.

Made in Australia. Consistent high quality. Guaranteed sweat-shop free.

All our suppliers must respond to high quality standards and our products comply with the strictest norms to guarantee your satisfaction.

Our customer service is there for you, don’t hesitate to request various colour combinations when you ask for a quote.

Custom-made product: The product will be manufactured exclusively for you.

ALLOY’s innovative Titanium-plated tiles provide a range of metal finishes that are unique, contemporary and resilient.

Titanium Amber and Titanium Gold tiles have been developed to provide the striking sheen of copper and brass tiles without the eventual natural patina that occurs when these metals oxidise.

Mirror finished Titanium Gold tiles provide a substantial gold surface without the expense of gold-plating.

Titanium Smoke – ALLOY’s latest addition – offers a unique, reflective deep grey surface.

ALLOY Titanium-plated tiles are easy to maintain and are available in the following colours and finishes:

– Titanium Amber – brushed and mirror finish
– Titanium Gold – brushed and mirror finish
– Titanium Smoke – mirror finish

Titanium Amber brushed

ALLOY’s innovative Titanium plated Amber tiles have been designed to capture the colour and fine grain texture of brushed copper without the eventual natural patina that occurs when copper oxidises. These tiles are easy to maintain and guaranteed to retain their unique colour and lustre.

If you can’t decide right now, we offer samples of all our tiles. With the samples, you’ll avoid making the wrong purchase and they will help you make the right decision.

Please refer to the installation information. When installing your tiles, only use the adhesive recommended by your supplier and LATICRETE-brand mortar and sealer additives.

As an exclusive and unique decorating material, the solid metal mosaic tiles produced by ALLOY are not sold from stock but produced to order especially for you.

They’re manufactured in Australia and delivery can therefore take around 30 days, depending on your location.

We accept the following methods of payment: Bank transfer, Credit card, and PayPal. Please contact us to discuss shipping and other details and to receive an individual offer. We look forward to hearing from you.

As ALLOY metal tiles are a specialised and exclusive product, we recommend that a professional and experienced mosaic tiler is engaged for their installation.

Make sure to use appropriate tools and a suitable, special adhesive.

To ensure the very best results, please download the detailed installation guidelines available here and make sure they’re strictly adhered to.